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I taught my new Simple Step routine tonight, it’s got some Sumos, as seen here on Rachel Holmes’s Quick Fix Power Step.

I got the thumbs up on this new routine, its got lots of Power in it!  I was wearing my heart rate monitor, this is the profile (click it to see bigger).  I joined in Spin at 6pm, Step is at 6.45 and as you can see my heart rate stayed elevated through most of the Pilates we did afterwards.  So happy to report a very effective routine, can’t wait to teach it again tomorrow!
Heart Rate profile for Simple Step Class

Michelle’s Bootcamp Step

I had the pleasure of doing some photography at a special Bootcamp weekend held at one of the leisure clubs I teach in.  I wasn’t supposed to be videoing, but well, my phone was in my pocket and Michelle’s choreography, although not Simple, was great to watch and I hope to pinch the odd bit here and there to teach in my Simple Step classes.

And, for those who asked, here are the photos!